Lelia Rechtin


Lelia Rechtin, a native of Louisville, Kentucky, recently returned to her home country after completing her Master of Design in Design & Innovation for Sustainability from Cranfield University in England. Her MDes program was a multi-disciplinary degree that focused not only on design-driven innovation and sustainability within industry, but also on improving leadership, management, conceptualization, and technical skills. During her time in England, she worked with the UK Government (particularly the Department of Health) on a group design project. She also completed her thesis working alongside a small video production company; this resulted in both the discovery of a comprehensive brand strategy for that particular company and the creation of a brand strategy toolkit designed specifically for small to medium enterprises.

Lelia also has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Art & Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language. She has several years of experience as a graphic design intern under her belt (and even a little experience as a freelance graphic and web designer). She aims to seek her fortunes as a graphic designer, a design or brand consultant, or perhaps even as a small-business owner.

Lelia continues to thirst for knowledge and, given the ideal situation (winning the lottery, for instance), would probably spend the rest of her life in school, studying design, architecture, history, anthropology, ceramics, glass blowing, agriculture, music, archaeology, psychology, literature, creative writing, and, well, the list goes on. (Seriously, it does.)

Lelia has always believed that where a person is at any given moment in life is where they are meant to be; while she has chosen a direction and perhaps plotted a very rough course, she doesn't know where the wind will take her (and believes this is a good thing).

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Louisville, KY